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I love to see the transformation in people from before to after my classes. It inspires me and brings me happiness and peace that I can help people, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga and meditation is the best way to connect with your true self, come back to yourself, the perfect being underneath all the mind stuff. It is so beautiful and powerful when you connect with yourself in this way. I couldn't be without it. I feel I am meant to be teaching Yoga and helping people.

Reach your

inner calm

I will try my best to bring you peace, balance, healing and relaxation. I believe you will feel happier, more focused in your life and ready to face any challenge. I will do my best to help you feel love and happiness in your heart. In meditation, you can see things from a new centered foundation in the present. Together we can go to the place inside ourselves which is always in peace, happy, calm, free and perfect. Meditation helps you choose how you feel.

Yoga Asana

& Meditation

I teach Hatha, Hatha Flow, Yin, Yoga for adults with special needs, Yoga for children with developmental challenges, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Surfers, SUP Yoga and SUP Fit.  I have taught in the UK, Morocco, Portugal, Sri Lanka, France and Hungary. I teach workshops and retreats around the UK and abroad.

Health from inside out

Many conventional forms of exercise serve purely aesthetic purposes. According to Yoga philosophy health is first an inner state. This means the health of the nerves, glands and vital organs determines how healthy a person looks and feels.


What also sets yoga apart from any other form of exercise is the coordination of breath with each posture and movement. This brings the mind to the present, benefits the lungs, the entire respiratory system, increases lung capacity and ones ability to concentrate.


Yoga boosts vital energy (prana) around the body, and we become energised and focused yet relaxed with a clear mind ready for meditation.


Thank you so much Kirsty for another wonderful yoga and surf retreat!
If you ever need some sunshine in your belly and saltwater in your hair go and book yourself in
with NeoSpirit Yoga. The food was to die for


The weekend was so amazing Kirsty. Such a wonderful place, people, food and of course yoga.
Early morning and evening yoga in the sunshine listening to the birds bees and animals was
bliss. Surfing was amazing. A truly wonderful weekend. Xx


Surfing and doing Yoga..mixing the elements and connecting to the water more deeply with
the power asana and pranayama..Healing, rejuvenating, rebirthing, grounding. Thank you
Kirsty May for marrying the two together so beautifully


Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Phone: 07968 449723




Instagram: neospirityoga

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