''Many thanks for hosting the retreat. I really enjoyed myself and feel very relaxed. The environment you created was very loving and calm, and you didn't place expectation on anyone. The venue is beautiful, comfy and homely, and the yoga studio was lovely. I liked the way you timed the sessions at early morning and early evening as we got to see the beautiful changes in the light. I enjoyed the combination of different classes. Food was amazing! Fantastic, thank you so much!''


''Thanks so much for such a lovely, chilled out weekend!! Great place, nothing rushed or forced- you read the group perfectly- yoga matched our mood! Hadn't realised how much I personally needed it, feel like I let go alot of stuff, and met lots of lovely people!''


''Kirsty did a beautiful job, inside and outside class. The Yoga classes were perfect, accessible for all but challenging at the same time. The Yoga and food was of high quality. Very well organised and well balanced''


''Just wanted to say a big big thank you for hosting a great weekend. I was in search of inspiration with some much needed reassurance I'm on the right path and you certainly did that for me. It was exactly the kick start I needed to carry on my journey. The universe always gives you what you need, when you need it most and it certainly didn't disappoint last weekend - came home buzzing! I felt grounded, centered and connected to the universe like never before. Definitely made some spiritual progression in the right direction and will continue to follow the kundalini yoga path.  Once again thank you so much for sharing your yoga and healing with us. Hope this weekends retreat is as awesome as last weekends - I'm sure you'll blow them away. Keep doing what you are doing. Big Love''


''Had a great weekend, glad I tried this, feel a lot more relaxed and focused. I didn't know what to expect or what I might get from it but I actually do feel like I've got rid of a lot of negativity. I's been a week since the retreat and I can honestly say I definitely feel there has been a change. I feel a lot more positive, like a lot of the negativity had been lifted away, and a lot happier in myself. I've been noticing a change of attitude toward material things, a lot of it holds no value or maybe a lot of it has no hold over myself anymore? I still want to continue with the meditation and yoga, so after I've finished off my workshop it's remodelling my room as a meditation space. If you are running a class near me sometime, I'd love to come along. Thanks again to Kirsty May, was good to meet all you guys, hopefully see you all next year or maybe sooner.''


'I had a really amazing, lovely experience this weekend. Things that were good include: all the Yoga, especially trying out Kundalini and Yin and thought it made the weekend seem longer and lots was going on. Art Therapy was good too, I got really into it and enjoyed it way more than I thought it would. It was nice to have the option of massage and reiki. Everything worked so well together and have come together to make a really relaxing, beautiful time. Thank you!''


''Kirsty is a very good teacher. She softly guides you through Hatha Yoga, Meditation and a spiritual practice. Beautiful venue, good teacher and lovely food. I have let go of a lot of tension and I think when winter colds and flu comes,  I will be alot stronger''


‘’Thanks for all the positivity, visualisations etc .. It was like Christmas’’


''Thanks Kirsty, I had a lovely time, very relaxing, beautiful food, great yoga! I don't think anything could be improved, it was perfect''

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