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SUP yoga

Full Moon Sup Yoga Special,
with beach fire pit, moon meditations, moon rituals, sea dip, celebration and BYO picnic around the fire

April to October 23 (dates tbc) 7-10pm @lagoon watersports/Beach £

''If the ocean can calm itself so can you, we are both salt water mixed with air'' Nayyirah Waheed


Come and bathe under the full moon with me under the stars floating on sea water. I will guide you through a Full Moon SUP Yoga session. 

We will do guided meditations around the fire pit on the beach to connect with ourselves, the moon and let go of what no longer serves us. Feel free to have a sea dip under the sunset or moon! Connect to nature on this special evening with me. We will celebrate our successes and things we are proud of under the full moon with a social BYO picnic dinner. I will bring us some chocolate, sweet treats and fruit.

Bring some food and a hot drink, to have around the fire together. Please also bring a list of things you would like to let go of/release written on a piece of paper or you can do this on the night with the moons inspiration and illumination. Please bring a swim suit, yoga clothes, a change of clothes, a towel, and some warm clothes. You are welcome to bring a notepad and journal, and any crystals you want to charge up under the full moon.

Please contact me to book your space. Spaces are limited so please book ASAP. 

If the weather is bad we can do the sup yoga in wetsuits then do the meditations indoors with candles or feel free to reschedule to another moon. No refunds sorry. I am insured for your SUP yoga but the rest of the workshop is at your own risk.

@ Hove Lagoon Watersports

Summer SUP Yoga classes

Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm 

Saturdays 8-9am


Practising Yoga and being on water work wonderfully together. I love it. You have the sky above you and sea water holding you, feeling connected to nature. There is also the added challenge of keeping balance which is great for stability and and core strength. I first tried SUP Yoga in a cenote in Mexico, fell in love with it, came home, and learnt to teach it.


You can not help but be completely in the present moment or you may get wet! :) It is an incredibly beautiful experience, what can be more calming than doing yoga floating on ocean water?  Your paddle board is used as the yoga mat. The end Savasana (relaxation) feels amazing floating on the water being completely at one with the elements. 

SUP yoga strengthens the core, improves your balance, tones muscles, reduces stress and increases body awareness. As well as this, being on the water can be both tranquil and rejuvenating, helping you to achieve a relaxed and clear mind, whilst enjoying the surroundings of nature.

I also run retreats...


Yoga & Surf Retreat,
2-5th/9-12th June &        1-4th & 8-11th September  2023

This yoga and surf retreat will be relaxing, rejuvenating and lots of fun. We stay 3 nights camping by the sea in Croyde, do 6 x Yoga and Meditation classes over the weekend outdoors or in the village hall. Endless surfing,  evening camp fires, breakfast and lunch at the camp or on the beach, and dinner out at local restaurants with sea views, optional surf lessons, optional boat trips, SUPing and coastal walks.

Image by Bit Cloud

Finland snowy magic yoga retreat, Winter 2023, dates TBC

We will immerse ourselves in snowy magic in Finland, chase the Aurora, snowshoe in snowy forests, get a husky ride, whale watch and hang out with reindeer.

We will relax in traditional saunas, stay in a beautiful house and do wake up morning yoga and relaxing yoga at night.

Enjoy the magic of fire and ice and the natural beauty of this area.


trees on forest with sun rays_edited.jpg

Grounding workshop, Yoga, meditation & picnic in Stanmer Park, Brighton, Summer 2023

Come and join me in the woods for some grounding Yoga and Meditation in Stanmer Park, Brighton.

We will connect with the earth's energy, the peace within us, relax, nourish and be held in nature. The yoga and meditation will be 2 hours and the social picnic an hour (or stay as long as you like!)


Full Moon SUP Yoga, beach fire, meditation and moon ritual special
Summer 2023

Come and bathe under the full moon with me under the stars floating on sea water. I will guide you through a SUP Yoga session.

We will then head to the beach to celebrate around the fire pit, where we will meditate and also allow the moon to help us let go of things that no longer serve us. 

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My Yoga & Surf Retreat story


I had a dream to run Yoga and Surfing retreats for a long time, but I always felt it was just a distant dream that would may never happen. A pipedream. Until I did a meditation in a small ashram on an island off Guatemala.

I stumbled across an ashram which looked lovely with some beautiful big yellow flowers outside. I decided to join a class there.


This class changed my life.


We did a meditation called I Am. I saw my soul. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. I realised I was capable of doing anything I wanted. I booked my first Surf and Yoga retreat straight away when I got to my next stop on my trip, Costa Rica.


I created my first Yoga and Surf Retreat on my phone using the surf hostels intermittent wifi. It seemed so easy because the work was coming straight from my heart and soul. When the retreat came I wasn't nervous at all and loved every minute. I couldn't believe this was my job! Every time I go to Devon and share my knowledge and heart with the yogis, I feel so good like this is what I am supposed to be doing. ''Its the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting'' Paulo Coehlo. I have been in love with the ocean for a long time. Some connection which feels like its been there within me for many lifetimes. ''The tides are in our veins'' Robinson Jeffers.



''Thank you so much. it was a great week. one I won't forget.

A great group of people in a lovely place. Loved the yoga/ meditation/sunshine and surf.

Learnt a lot and feel a lot more relaxed



''Kirsty, thank you so much for making this such a special weekend. I appreciated all the wonderful little touches that made it so relaxing- the presents on our pillow when we arrived, candles, music, cards, decorations etc. The yoga was 'perfect'- nice variation of excercises, good pace, good amount. Lucys food was fantastic. Thanks so much it has been such a pleasure! p.s, loved our walk good''



''If anyone wants a weekend away to help bring you back to yourself then this is the retreat for you! I went last September and I am going to the one in May. I cannot recommend Kirsty's retreats enough. I can honestly say that going to this was one of the best things I did for myself last year...  You are such an amazingly kind and wonderful person, I hope you know this''



''Thank you Kirsty! As always it has been amazing. So many positives and absolutely no negatives!!!

Everything was perfect except it went too quickly! 

It has been great being able to do yoga with you again, and I really do miss you now that you're in Brighton.

I can't wait until the next time. Lots of Love''

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