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About me

About Me

I fell in love with Yoga when I was 18 at my first yoga class in a tipi at Glastonbury festival. I was surprised how amazing I felt afterwards, kind of light but grounded, content and whole. Pretty chilled and happy basically. I was then taught by an amazing teacher at University called Vinod who inspired me to become a teacher. Since then I have been hooked. I did a Sivananda teacher training course in Kerela, India, and a Hatha Yoga teacher training with Universal Yoga in Dharamshala, India and carried on to do other trainings in the UK.

I have been in love with the ocean for a long time. Some connection which feels like its been there within me for many lifetimes. Most of my events and retreats involve the healing power of the sea. I teach SUP Yoga (yoga floating on boards in the water,) and paddleboarding in the summer.  I have taught in Morocco, Hungary, Portugal, Sri Lanka and France. I am the yoga ambassador for Sweaty Betty, DnB DJ Goldies Yogangster, Ruby Moon
and Funkita. I have been teaching Yoga and Surf
retreats for 8 years in Devon and have taught other retreats of mine. I have also been a guest teacher at other peoples retreats. 

I have taught yoga at various surfcamps around the world such as Camp Poe in Sri Lanka, Mint Surf in Morocco and The Lighthouse in Portugal, I am currently living and teaching in Brighton teaching yoga, outdoor classes, SUP Yoga, paddleboarding and Yoga. I run Sea themed Sea Shepherd fundraiser Yoga and Movie nights. I have taught at Ozora festival, Secret Garden Party, UK Hulahoop Gathering, Sccolahoop, Waveform and the Somersault festivals and was the guest teacher at Chamonix International Yoga Festival. I have also taught yoga in Fuerteventura and Ibiza.

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About the Yoga

Yoga is a place where you can just be, without all the worries of the outside world. You can connect with
yourself and go beyond the mind in your own bubble. It can shift stuck emotions, open where you need
to open and helps you to remember who you are
Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago. Yoga strengthens and tones the body, brings flexibility and balance and souls the soul.

An author named Patanjali wrote ‘Yoga Sutra’ the first text on the subject of yoga 2,500 years ago. In it he
defined yoga as ‘chitta-vrtti-nirohdah’ which means the cessation of turnings of the mind. The practice of
yoga helps us to achieve inner stillness. It is a system which aims to help people achieve their full
potential and heightens consciousness.

About Meditation

My varied guided meditations and focused breathing will help you come back to yourself, remember who
you are, love yourself and feel grounded and present. Meditation helps you choose how you feel.

Mediation means to become familiar with and is a way of exploring the inner self. It is an ancient practice
to quietening the mind and work towards greater self- knowledge and self- mastery. The ultimate aim of
meditation is the triggering of a state of bliss and a super conscious state, with its heightened awareness,
enlightenment or intuitive realisation of the nature of the self.

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