Yoga & Surf camping Retreat Croyde, Devon

10-13th June & 2-5th  September 2022


We stay 3 x nights at a campsite (or find your own accommodation) by the sea in Croyde, Devon, do 6 x Yoga and Meditation classes over the weekend. Endless surfing, campfires, optional lessons, SUPing, coastal walks, chilling, beach time, making new friends and lots more.


Lots of Yoga, meditation, fun,  surfing (optional lessons), coastal walks, 3  nights camping in Croyde, Devon. Get in touch if you would like to reserve a space!

We will be doing morning and evening  Yoga, and meditation sessions outdoors (or in the village hall). We then have all day to have fun surfing and relaxing at the beautiful Croyde surfing beach or doing anything you want to do. The weekend is £290. 

Yoga combined with surfing in the  ocean will energise, revitalise and relax you (and will be lots of fun!)  I believe the ocean is one of natures great healers, it has amazing  energy. It is proven that the negative ions near the ocean make you  happier. Connecting with nature and the ocean, combined with Yoga and   Meditation will be a refreshing, healing, fun experience. I love Yoga  and Surfing, so I want you to give you the opportunity to experience  these wonderful things too!


My aim of this retreat is for you to  be healed, restored, relaxed and rejuvenated. I will try to help you to  come back to yourself, remember who you are, love yourself and feel  grounded and present. By clearing blockages, rebalancing your mind, body  and spirit I believe you will feel happier, more focused in your life  and ready to face any challenge. I will do my best help you feel peace  in your mind and love and happiness in your heart.


Yoga and surfing work wonderfully  together. Many top pro surfers swear by yoga to compliment their  surfing. Yoga helps with being present, building strength, increasing  flexibility, enhancing balance, concentration, focus, calm. Yoga helps you surf with more energy and  endurance. Yoga helps you to focus in the water and have a personal  relationship with the ocean. Whether you are a Yogi looking to try  surfing, a surfer wanting to incorporate yoga, to have a lovely holiday  or just try something different, this will be great for 


Rough itinerary


6pm Welcome Circle 

6.15-7.30pm Yoga

7.45pm Dinner at a local restaurant/beach/BBQ etc or do your own thing


8-9.15am Morning Yoga

11.00am Leave retreat for optional Surf Lesson (11.30-1.30pm) massage/healing

Free time- Explore, local activities, surf, beach, coastal walk, Lunch- local cafes or BYO beach picnic

6-7.15pm Yoga 

7.30pm Dinner at a local restaurant/beach/BBQ etc or do your own thing



8-9.15am Morning Yoga

11.00am Leave retreat for optional Surf Lesson (11.30-1.30pm)

Free time- Explore, local activities, surf, beach, coastal walk, 

6-7.15pm Yoga

7.30pm Dinner at a local restaurant/picnic/beach BBQ or do your own thing


8-9.15am Morning Yoga

The Yoga classes are for beginners and intermediate Yogis, I can vary the postures to suit all abilities.  The style is fun and creative, yet focused and still challenging. The morning Hatha flows, can be dynamic and also has many influences from various disciplines and  teachers. Yoga stretches, strengthens, tones, helps to align, and  improves the health of the entire body. My varied mix of guided  meditations will help you in different areas of your life and help you  to calm the mind and bring you into the present. I will teach a more dynamic flow in the mornings and a more restorative class,/Yin class in the evenings, depending on peoples energy levels and mood.


6 Yoga & Meditation classes in the village hall or outdoors

coastal walk

Organisation of activities such as meals/walks/hanging out together/surf lesson organisation

Camping cost (byo tent etc)

Fire pit

Morning tea/coffee

Not included:

3 nights at the campsite (bring your own tent) or choose and book your own accommodation

Surf board hire at beaches £15 an hour

Surf Lesson- optional £35 for 2 hours

Local activities- coasteering, horse riding, walks, mountain biking) boat trip

Transfer from station to camp

Tent, bedding

Food/restaurants/eating out

Yurts/other accommodation

£290, non refundable or transferable

Please contact me for payment details or any questions. Please read the terms and conditions.

TESTIMONIALS FROM PREVIOUS RETREATS (more on the Testimonials page )


''The weekend was so amazing Kirsty. Such a wonderful place, people, food and of course yoga.

Early morning and evening yoga in the sunshine listening to the birds bees and animals was bliss.

Surfing was amazing. A truly wonderful weekend. Xx''

''sun.. doesn't get any better...

Thank you so much for all your hard work at the retreat I really did enjoy it..

Great food.. great location and great company..''

''Thank you so much. it was a great week. one I won't forget.

A great group of people in a lovely place. Loved the yoga/ meditation/sunshine and surf.

Learnt a lot and feel a lot more relaxed. ''

''Surfing and doing Yoga..mixing the  elements and connecting to the water more deeply with the power asana  and pranayama..Healing, rejuvenating, rebirthing, grounding. Thank you  Kirsty May for marrying the two together so beautifully xxxx''

''Thank you so much Kirsty for another wonderful yoga and surf retreat!

If you ever need some sunshine in  your belly and saltwater in your hair go and book yourself in with  NeoSpirit Yoga. The food was to die for!''